High quality lubrication and protective properties.
Immediately protects, lubricates, and restores the new surface appearance upon application.


Protects against UV rays, humidity, and prevents dirt from sticking to the applied surface facilitating easier cleaning. Forms a shiny, durable, protective and non-greasy film in the applied areas, restoring finish and providing shine. It has a soft and striking fragrance, making its use and resulting environment much more pleasant.

How to Use

ORBISIL – LIQUID SILICONE is recommended for vehicle panels, vinyl parts, leather, rubbers, tools, door handles, dampers and bumper stops, wheels and tires, door rubbers and sunroof seals, ignition cables, rails, slides, padlocks, pulleys, treadmills and exercise equipment. It can be applied to the external (plastic) parts of electronic equipment such as; televisions, telephones, upholstery, and stereos preserving the original color and makeup of the materials.

NOT RECOMMENDED to be applied to motorcycle and automotive seats, pedals, handles, and saddles. Do not apply to floors or flooring. This product reduces grip and friction, compromising safety and increasing the risk of accidents.


3317 – New Car

Box with 24 units.

Shelf life:
12 months.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from heat sources. Keep in original packaging for preservation of product quality. Flammable material. Pressurized container.