Renewal Set 4

The Renewal Set has been developed to assist in preventive vehicle maintenance. An ideal combination of unique high performance products for complete renewal. With less packaging, it reduces waste, and is cost effective.

• White Lub: 65 ml
• Orbi Lubri: 65 ml
• Orbi Sil 65 ml
• Orbi Clean: 100 ml


White Lub Super
Market leading product. It features a unique formulation that gives it superior protective qualities for degreasing and anti-rust protection

Orbi Lubri
High temperature resistant with superior grip, this product is water resistant, including salt water. Eliminates noise by reducing friction.

Orbisil – Silicone Spray
Lubricates the moving parts of vehicles, eliminating noise caused by excess friction. Protects against rust, glues, greases and inks.

Designed for removing oils, greases, insects and soot from windshields, helping to restore shine, transparency, and visibility. Improves the sliding of windshield wiper blades.


7450 – Revision Set 4.

180 g
Box with 12 units.

Shelf Life:
12 months