Fuel Additive – Gasoline

ORBI-AG – FUEL ADDITIVE – GASOLINE has a combination of active boosters to improve gasoline vehicle performance.
Once added to the fuel it acts quickly and effectively, increasing engine power, and decreasing gasoline consumption.
Eliminates and prevents the formation of sludge and buildup from burning gasoline.
Keeps the entire fuel supply system clean and lubricated.


Suitable for use in GASOLINE engines, this additive keeps the engine’s fuel supply system clean and lubricated, increasing the efficiency of the air / fuel mixture and reducing the emission of polluting gases from lower quality fuel. Used to combat the corrosion of the fuel feed system, it reduces the corrosive action of GASOLINE due to the presence of anhydrous alcohol in its composition. Also helps reduce fuel consumption.

How to Use

First add the Orbi GASOLINE Fuel Additive to the fuel tank and then top up with gasoline. 200 ml of the product (one bottle) can be added to up to 60 liters of gasoline, above that volume it is recommended to use 2 bottles (400 ml).
1º Add the ADDITIVE.
2º Add the fuel, so that a perfect mixture occurs.


1622 – Orbi AG

Pack of 12 – 200 ml bottles.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from heat sources. Keep in original packaging for preservation of product quality. Do not reuse the packaging.