High Temperature Paints

HIGH TEMPERATURE PAINTS – Withstands up to 600º C. Suitable for use on exhaust pipes for cars and motorcycles as well as chimneys, fireplaces, boilers, pipelines and outside grills and stoves.


Ideal for painting internal and external parts, metal surfaces, or objects that reach a maximum temperature of 600 ° C

Modo de Usar

1. Shake the can well before each application.
2. On any surface, test the applicator by pressing the valve a few times to check the shape of the spray.
3. Spray at least 10 cm away from surface using uniform movements over desired area.
4. After use, turn the bottle upside down and press the valve until you notice only gas is being released. This will prevent possible clogging.
Clean the area to be applied, eliminating any dirt such as dust, rust, oil or grease. Apply the product.


9871 – Aluminum.
9870 – Matte Black.

Box with 6 units – 340ml / 220g

Shelf life:
36 months.