Joint Glue

For diesel, gasoline, and alcohol engine joints. Withstands high temperatures and pressures.


High quality product, ideal for when high temperature resistance is required.

Aromatic Solvent and Ketones, Nitrile Rubber.

How to Use

Thoroughly clean the surface by removing all dirt, including oil, grease, gasoline, and water. Apply the adhesive to each surface and let it dry for a few minutes. Then put the pieces together, pressing them firmly.


Code / Packing:
1533 – Amber (75 g tube – 36 hive) – accompanied by exhibitor card for 12 months
5911 – Amber (75 g tube) – 12 units

Storage Validity:
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep in original packaging to preserve product quality. Easily damaged if crushed, dropped, or subject to pressure. It is important to keep product stored at temperatures below 40 ° C.