Metallic Spray Paint

This general purpose metallic paint has been developed for use in artistic paintings, decorations, graffiti murals, repairs and professional scenarios. It has good adhesion to various materials, is weather resistant, and features extra fast drying and a premium metallized finish. Also provides excellent coverage, great adhesion to most substrates, and its metallic coating means paint stays glossy longer.

In 3 color options:
• Silver
• Gold
• Bronze


Suitable for artistic paintings, decorations, graffiti murals, repairs and professional use. Recommended for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The practicality of aerosol makes every aspect of painting easy and practical, from preparation to finishing. Can be used on appliances, steel furniture, walls (artistic paintings), bicycles, toys, wood and most objects.
IMPORTANT: Do not apply on plastic, acrylic, or styrofoam surfaces without first making a compatibility test.

How to Use

Always shake the tube vigorously before applying. Do a short test of the applicator by pressing the valve a few times, on any surface, to check the shape of the spray. Apply thin, crossing coats at a distance of 15 to 20cm. Allow 10 minutes between coats. Avoid dripping by applying a well-sprayed 1st coat, priming the surface so that this coat serves as a paint anchor in following coats. Avoid application of very thick coat to prevent runoff and incomplete cure.


8666 – Silver
8664 – Golden
8665 – Bronze

Sale prohibited for those under 18 years. Observe local law.

Shelf life:
36 months.

Spray 340ml / 220g
Boxes contain 6 units.

Product not suitable for application in high humidity or temperatures below 15 ° C.