Neutral Silicone Adhesive

A neutral silicone adhesive specially developed to seal all types of smooth and porous surfaces and most substrates used in construction, such as: polycarbonate, glass, concrete, wood, galvanized sheet metal, ceramics and masonry. Suitable for sealing aluminum, PVC, wood, and iron frames. Also ideal for cold room installations and air conditioning or ventilation installations.

Available colors: colorless, white, black and gray.


Neutral one-component adhesive sealant that becomes a flexible, tough rubber when exposed to atmospheric moisture. Product suitable for sealing many of the materials used in construction without prior use of primer. Ideal for aluminum, anodized aluminum, PVC, marble, roughcast, concretes, glass, tiles, enameled surfaces, tableware, stainless steel, etc.

How to Use

The area should be clean, dry and free of dust, grease or oil. For well defined edges apply masking tape surrounding the application area. Finish using a damp spatula or fingers soaked in soapy water. Remove the masking tape once curing begins. Follow application instructions as described on the back of the package.


6402 – Colorless
6404 – White

280 ml / 250 g tube.
Box with 12 units
Shelf Life:
18 months.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep the product in its original packaging for product quality preservation. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with foods.