Orbi Air

ORBI AIR – AIR CONDITIONER CLEANER has been formulated with the most modern cleaning concepts for air conditioning systems. It has a special valve that locks and once activated, automatically releases the product into the vehicle cleaning the air conditioning and leaving a pleasant fragrance in the vehicle. ANVISA NOTIFIED PRODUCT.


Cleans vehicle ventilation system ducts and internal parts, preventing contamination.

How to Use

Before applying the product, change the pollen filter (if the vehicle has it)
1. Remove the floor mats if they are made of rubber and leave front windows approximately 5cm wide.
2. With the vehicle running (idling), set the air conditioning system to recirculation function.
3. Turn on the air conditioner at high power and with cold air.
4. Shake the package and place it on the passenger floor.
5. Tighten the valve until it locks and wait for the application to finish (approximately 4 minutes).
6. After the application is complete, wait 10 minutes before getting into the vehicle.
7. Turn off the engine, open all windows, and wait for 5 minutes before using the vehicle.


5976 – Floral
5977 – New Car
5978 – Lavender
5979 – Classic

Shelf life:
24 months

200ml / 140g – box with 12 units.