Orbi CLean

ORBI CLEAN – WINDSHIELD CLEANER is designed to remove oil, grease, insects and soot from the windshield, restoring shine and transparency.
Facilitates the movement of windshield wiper blades.
It can also be used for cleaning vehicle headlights and taillights.
Features a pleasant fragrance.


Removes grease, stains and soot restoring shine and transparency to the glass. Can also be used to clean the vehicle’s headlights and taillights.

How to Use

Add the contents of a 100ml bottle of ORBI Windshield Cleaner to the vehicle windshield wiper water reservoir. Recommended use of 100ml of the product is for up to 2000ml of water. For headlight and flashlight cleaning add some of the product to a clean cloth or sponge and clean the headlight and flashlight.


1577 – Orbi Clean

Shelf life:
12 months.

Pack of 24 units – 100 ml

Store in a cool and dry place. Non-flammable product, Keep in original packaging for preservation of product quality. Do not reuse the packaging.