Orbi Foam


ORBIFOAM Expanding Foam is a hand-dispersing, single component polyurethane adhesive ideal for technical use by construction professionals. It is a foam sealant that fills holes and provides permanent waterproofing. Also prevents the entry of insects and rodents.


Used for window and door frame assembly, duct protection, and sealing and repairing door jambs, water pipes, insulation, air conditioners, hot tubs, wall enclosures. Also ideal for filling vents around ventilation ducts and general repair. Suitable for use on wood, metal, masonry, PVC, concrete, iron, aluminum, ceramics, marbles, granites and the vast majority of building materials.

How to Use

The surface must be clean and firm.
1. Shake vigorously for fifteen (15) seconds before use.
2. Attach the applicator trigger to the valve and turn it upside down. Keep the package upside down during application and pull the trigger firmly with both fingers.
3. Moisten the surface with a few sprays of clean water.
4. Release the foam with the trigger as needed and always fill only about 1/3 of the gap as the foam will expand to roughly 3 to 4 times the size of its applied volume.
5. Cut off excess after at least 2 (two) hours of application. Full cure occurs in approximately 24 hours.

Additional information: After full cure, foam can be easily cut, sanded and painted. Usable with paint and putty for protection and finishing. Withstands temperature of between -20 ° C to + 90 ° C. For outdoor use the cured foam should be protected against U.V. Does not shrink or give in to pressure. Not touch sensitive and causes no harmful health effects. The ideal temperature for application is + 8 ° C to + 35 ° C. Resistant to solvents and petroleum derivatives.


6276 – Orbi Foam.

500 ml / 340 g.
Box with 12 units.

Shelf life:
18 months after the date of manufacture.
Date of manufacture and batch printed on packaging.