Orbi Mirrors


ORBI MIRRORS fixes and seals mirrors and specialized glasses (laminates, tempered, reflective, and wire) sensitive metals, masonry, concrete and most materials used in construction


ORBI MIRRORS has a special formulation, free of solvents and corrosive additives, with excellent adhesion and sealing power. It remains flexible for many years. Resists U.V. and extreme temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to 190 ° C. Vulcanizes at room temperature. Film forms between 15-20 minutes and curing takes approximately 1 mm / 24 hours.

How to Use

1º) The surface must be clean, dry, and free of grease. We recommend the use of alcohol.
2º) Screw the applicator nozzle in and cut at an angle of 45º.
3º) Apply the product in vertical threads, with each line about 4-5cm.
4º) Keep the mirror or panel propped using double-sided tape (without solvents) on the tips of the mirror and both middle supports to ensure a previous anchorage until full cure.


2744 – Orbi Mirrors

380 g

Bonding must be carried out with respect for original design, technical limitations, and the anchoring ability of paints and surfaces to be glued or sealed. All work should be performed by qualified professionals,

Shelf life:
12 months if kept in a cool and dry place at temperatures under 25 ° C.

Before removing any stanchions make sure that ORBI MIRRORS is completely cured.