It is a high performance sealing adhesive with exceptional elasticity, specially developed for sealing, filling, and bonding.

Seals on porous surfaces, concrete expansion joints, stone masonry, aluminum tempered glazing frames, joint sealing rails, vertical expansion joints in prefabricated concrete structures, granite, marble sealing joints, between ordinary and laminated glass frames, between masonry and aluminum frames, and on wood, iron, etc. Also ideal for sealing joints for cold storage rooms.


Excellent adhesion on various materials such as: CONCRETE, WOOD, STONE, GLASS, ALUMINUM AND METAL PLATES.
Waterproof sealant with permanent elasticity.
High performance polyurethane, with Shore 40A hardness.
Paintable (after setting).
Resists weather and the action of U.V. (solar).

Seals on porous surfaces, expansion joints and joints in general.
Ideal for concrete fences, masonry, aluminums, tempered glass and gutters.
Also ideal for vertical expansion joints in prefabricated concrete structures.
Perfect for sealing granite, marble and stone joints and frames.
Also ideal for sealing joints for cold storage rooms.

How to Use

1. The surface must be clean, dry, and free from dirt.
2. Cut the cartridge nozzle above the thread.
3. Fit the applicator nozzle in the tube and cut to desired thickness at an angle of 45 °.
4. Apply masking tape to the sides of the surface for protection. Insert the cartridge into the applicator / gun. With the 45 ° inclined applicator, apply ORBIFLEX CONSTRUCTION.
5. Finish immediately using a spatula and remove the masking tape.


2451 – White.
2463 – Gray.
10954 – Black.

Tube with 380g.
Box with 12 units.

Shelf life:
12 months.