Orbived Silicone Adhesive – Colorless

Acetic: For smooth surfaces.

Flexible, multi-purpose, acetic-curing silicone adhesive that cures at room temperature. Used to seal, caulk, adhesive, glue, fix and join materials such as glass, metal, wood, aluminum, polycarbonate and others. Forms a film in approximately 10 minutes and cures fully in 24 hours. Seals the passage of electrical cables.

ATTENTION: It is not indicated as a sealant for engines. For this use, see our codes 2, 336, 337 and 6413.

Product based on silicone polymer that vulcanizes at room temperature. Recommended for sealing all types of smooth, porous surfaces and most substrates used in civil construction. Indicated for sealing aluminum, PVC, wood and iron frames, installations in cold rooms, air conditioning installations or forced ventilation.

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