Radiator Cleaner

ORBI RADIATOR CLEANER is an additive ideal for cleaning the cooling system and eliminating rust, oil residue, sludge, and oxidation.
Helps restore system efficiency by preventing overheating caused by impurities or clogging.
Does not harm aluminum, iron, steel, rubber, brass, copper or welds.


Ideal for the cleaning of the radiator or any system where coolant circulates. Perfect for descaling and eliminating impurities such as oxidation, rust, and sludge. Also increases the heat exchange efficiency of the engine cooling system.

How to Use

Remove system / reservoir cover. With the engine cold, and after checking owner’s manual instructions, drain the system. Add the ORBI RADIATOR CLEANER to the system and top up with water. Replace the cover. After the engine has reached operating temperature, let it run for another 10 minutes. With the engine off and cool, repeat the opening and system draining actions and close the drain. Only fill the system with water and run the engine for another 5 minutes. Remove water by draining it, close the drain, and fill the system with radiator fluid (Use the ORBI Line cooling product options see options on the website) as instructed by the manufacturer. Replace the radiator cap or reservoir.


246 – Orbi Radiator Cleaner

Pack of 12 – 200ml bottles

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep the product in the original bottle for preservation of product quality, out of reach of children and animals. Keep bottle protected from sunlight and heat.