Vaseline Spray

Designed for general equipment lubrication, protection against oxidation even in harsh environments. Made from Vaseline and mineral oils. Withstands up to 60 ° C. Forms a protective film.


Protects electrical components against the formation of verdigris. Does not attack rubber helping maintain a perfect appearance after application. Suitable for the assembly of automotive glass, cables, rails, doors, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, tools, appliances, fishing utensils and machines or equipment in general. Helps with the fixing of rubber.

How to Use

Shake packaging well. Clean parts, eliminating any oil residue or old grease and directly spray the parts to be lubricated. Add the extender for hard to reach or distant locations.


5315 – Vaseline Spray Orbi.

250 ml / 160 g
Boxes with 12 units.

Shelf life:
36 months.