Water Off

ORBI WATER OFF acts by creating an invisible film on the surface of the windshield to prevent vision blurring from rainwater. It also acts as a barrier protecting against damage on the glass by facilitating the sliding action of the water. This reduces the use of the windscreen wiper and prevents wear and tear, extending the life of the equipment. Improves the visibility of driving during rain, increasing safety for you and your family.


ORBI WATER OFF is ideal for facilitated visibility that is impaired by the action of rainwater. Its protective layer helps to improve the functioning of the blades, reducing the accumulation of debris such as dust and insects on the windshield surface and significantly improving water flow. Suitable for vehicle windshields and helmet visors. Can also be applied to storefronts, shop windows, etc.

How to Use

Clean the outer surface by removing all dirt, dust, grease and soot. Once dry, apply ORBI WATER OFF on the outside with the aid of a clean and dry cotton cloth. Make circular movements, wait 2 minutes, and apply again. Let dry and polish with another clean, dry cloth. If you still notice signs of fogging, lightly moisten a cloth with water and wipe the area, polishing once more after drying. Reapply the product on average every 30 days.
IMPORTANT: Do not use this product on the inside of the surface to be treated.


1575 – Water Off

Do not spill over the body of the vehicle. Flammable product. Do not use inside the vehicle.

Shelf life:
12 months.

Presentation / Packing:
Pack of 24 100ml bottles.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from heat sources, keep in original packaging for preservation of product quality. Flammable material